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Pay Per Click Advertising

Leads That Are Just a Click Away

Pay Per Click Ads Are Not Just Set and Forget

Business is demanding and we're all in a hurry to achieve success. We need as many opportunities to make a sale as we can get. Pay Per Click Advertising offers an opportunity to be on the top of Google's search results. But to stay there consistently you've got to target the right keywords, write better ads than your competition, and be competitive with your bidding. Bottom line: you've got to run a stronger campaign than you competitors. If you do so then you can achieve the results you want.

Pay per click advertising campaigns focus purely on lead generation and increasing sales. The better the campaign you run, the more the system will reward you. But let’s be real – there’s money on the line. You’re making an investment and want a return, which means you want to up your odds of success. You want a team on your side with the training and experience to help you win the game. You want a Google Certified Partner running your campaign. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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PPC When Done Right is Really Effective

(Done Wrong, It’s Just Expensive)

There are two things we tell people about pay per click ads. The first is that PPC is the way to go when you want to target a large geographic area and specific keywords quickly. The second, unless you like wasting lots of money, is not to do them yourself. Training and experience matter. The six steps below will give you an idea of what one of our campaigns look like.

PPC Advertising in Ozark & Springfield, MO

Step 1: Strategy

We’ll start by talking to you. What services do you want to sell? Who is your ideal customer? What geographic area do you want to cover? The better we understand your goals, the better the chance your campaign will be a success.

PPC Advertising in Ozark & Springfield, MO

Step 2: Keyword Research

First, we answer the big question. What keywords do we target that will bring new customers? Anyone can slap some keywords into a campaign and get traffic to a website. It’s the ability to get the right traffic that matters.

PPC Advertising in Ozark & Springfield, MO

Step 3: Campaign Setup

Next is the heavy lifting. It’s time to get the campaign itself ready to go. Create the ad groups, write the ads, work out the extensions, set the locations, budgets and bids. Do the work that will bring the campaign to life.

PPC Advertising in Ozark & Springfield, MO

Step 4: Landing Page Design

PPC isn’t only about who to target and where; it’s also about well-designed landing pages. Once your ads are clicked on, the goal is to convert that visitor into a lead. Well-designed landing pages will increase your ads’ conversion rates.

PPC Advertising in Ozark & Springfield, MO

Step 5: Launch

At this point we’ll do a final check to make sure nothing has been missed. All the campaign settings are right, the correct keywords have been chosen, ads have been written, and landing pages are live. Then it’s time to flip the switch.

PPC Advertising in Ozark & Springfield, MO

Step 6: Monitor & Modify

We’ll make ongoing modifications to your campaign to ensure your ads are being served efficiently. And we’ll monitor and provide reports on how your ads are performing once they are launched. The goal is to generate quality leads.


We’ve often been asked the question, why can’t I just run PPC ads myself? Well, you can. We just don’t recommend it because you’ll be wasting a lot of money. Proper training and experience matter, and we’ve got lots of both. The case studies shown represent just a couple of our success stories. To learn more about how we work, we encourage you to take a moment and read them yourself.

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