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Brunelle | Conklin

Brunelle | Conklin is an association of attorneys based in Murfreesboro. They provide legal representation in cases of family law, criminal defense, personal injury, and estate planning.

The Challenge

Brunelle | Conklin did not have a web presence when they contacted our team. However, they knew that this needed to change. Murfreesboro is a rapidly growing area with a competitive market space for all industries. On top of that, law is notoriously one of the most competitive markets of all. Brunelle | Conklin needed to stand out against their competition online.

The Solution

A web presence without traffic isn’t really a web presence at all. So, we constructed a new website and started leading potential clients to it using a pay per click advertising campaign.


The lawyers at Brunelle | Conklin knew they needed a website, so we worked closely with them to determine which elements of the site would be the most important for their goals. We designed a professional looking website that quickly lets visitors see the kind of attorney services their practice provides and contact the team for a free consultation.


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Pay Per Click Advertising

In order to get more eyes on their new website and start attracting new clients, we set up a pay per click campaign focusing on some of the most common legal cases that come through their door. We developed search ads to quickly start placing them ahead of organic search results on Google and get more link clicks. We also designed display ads to spread brand awareness, and added location extension to their ads, so they show up in the map section of Google searches. Pay per click ads for lawyers can start to get expensive because the space is so competitive. Our team worked to reduce the per-click cost and maximize Brunelle | Conklin’s ROI.

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The Success

Now, Brunelle | Conklin regularly displays their brand online and promotes their most relevant services with a competitive PPC campaign. Not only does this increase traffic to their new website, but it has resulted in a steady stream of leads. Their practice now stands out online against other lawyers in the Murfreesboro area.