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Mississippi Truck Driving School

Mississippi Truck Driving School is a CDL training facility based in Hickory Flat, Mississippi. They prepare students to become professional drivers through 18-day training programs, financial aid, and job placement assistance.

The Challenge

Mississippi Truck Driving School was a new school that had no online presence and came to us for marketing help to get new students. In order to succeed, they needed students immediately, but they didn’t even have a website for us to work with.

The Solution

We started with landing pages to keep leads coming while a new website was under construction. From there, we implemented advertising, social media, and search engine optimization to give MTDS a comprehensive online presence across the board.

Landing Pages

Because there was no website, there was also no place to direct visitors who clicked on pay per click ads. This was remedied by designing landing pages that visitors could be directed to. The landing pages contain all the relevant information about the school and ask visitors to contact the school for additional information. Leads are tracked through specific phone numbers and contact forms.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

With landing pages built, pay per click ads were created on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Since the start of Mississippi Truck Driving School’s marketing campaign, we’ve increased our search market share on Google from 63% to 87%. We switched the pay per click ads entirely to Google. Now, MTDS competes steadily on the world’s largest search engine.

Average Monthly Pay Per Click Results:
  • Clicks: 1,092
  • Cost Per Click: $3.98
  • Position: 2.9
  • Ad Impressions: 15,500
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We were able to quickly integrate the previously created landing pages into the new website, where visitors would now have the complete experience. Potential students can learn more about the school, about trucking as a career, and gain an understanding of how the school gets them started on their new path.


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Social Media

Researching trucking school competitors in the region showed us that significant results could be achieved through Facebook marketing. So, we set up a business page, posted regular content, grew their audience through a like campaign, and created targeted advertisements to attract potential students.

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In addition to pay per click ads, we wanted MTDS to start ranking organically. We accomplished this by doing research to determine industry-specific keywords, incorporating these keywords throughout the website, creating additional content to reach a broader audience, and improving online profiles. We also built directories to increase recognition and authority with search engines, and installed a tracking code for Google analytics so we could track user activity on the website. MTDS now averages 2,466 page views per month.

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The Success

Now MTDS has a website that lets potential students easily find what they’re looking for and enter their information to start the enrollment process. They also have an engaging Facebook page, and social media ads that bring in 20% of their overall leads! By combining search marketing, pay per click ads, and Facebook marketing, we are able to generate an average of 227 leads per month.