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Express Mow

Express Mow is a mowing and landscaping business servicing all of Middle Tennessee and the greater Chattanooga areas. By working with local subcontractors, they are able to to provide homeowners with reasonably priced lawn care services with professional results. From mowing to spring cleaning, they work to make any yard look beautiful.

The Challenge

Express Mow came to us looking for a company they could rely on to help them grow their business. Having struggled with getting good results from a previous company they’d worked with, they knew they wanted a company that would communicate well and often, while valuing their success as top priority.

The Solution

We knew that Express Mow needed an updated website and increased brand awareness, so we implemented a complete redesign with search engine optimization. When the new site was launched, we started running pay per click advertisements to increase traffic and leads.


As a service-oriented business, Express Mow needed a website that was easy to navigate, made requesting services easy, and showed off their work to establish trust. By focusing on those services and prompting website visitors to request a quote rather than make a commitment of hiring them, the website was able to produce the leads they needed to grow their business.


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Pay Per Click Advertising

Following the website design, Express Mow returned to us with the need for driving more leads to their website. Since building up their organic search ranking would take time, we suggested they try a pay per click campaign that would get immediate results. Using Google AdWords, we created a PPC campaign targeting those in Tennessee searching for lawn care services. By figuring out what did and didn’t work, we were able to work with them to make the campaign a success.

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The Success

Because Express Mow is a service-oriented business, we knew that the creation of an attractive, functional website was just step one. Middle Tennessee is a competitive area for landscapers, so we decided that the quickest way to get in front of interested customers was with a targeted PPC campaign.