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Bumpus Harley-Davidson

Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro is a family owned dealership selling Harley Davidson motorcycles, merchandise, and more to the city of Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas.

The Challenge

As a large brand, Harley Davidson has multiple locations. Bumpus Harley Davidson’s struggle was competing with the Nashville division, which was a wider known dealership. Many people didn’t even realize a Murfreesboro location existed. That’s why the Bumpus location in Murfreesboro came to us with the need to expand awareness of their location and drive local leads in the area to their location via Google Search. In addition to raising brand awareness, they also wanted to push their New Rider course to people who had never experienced riding on a motorcycle – particularly a Harley Davidson.

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The Solution

In order to spread brand awareness and increase local sales, we launched a pay per click advertising campaign and paired it with Facebook advertising and professional video production.

Pay Per Click Advertising

In order to drive more leads via Google Search, we conducted a pay per click (PPC) campaign through Google AdWords targeting branded searches for “Harley Davidson.” We also incorporated keywords that included specific motorcycle models and the Motorcycle Service Department for repair and maintenance leads.

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One of the best ways to show off a company is through video. That’s why we produced two professional videos for Bumpus Harley Davidson of Murfreesboro––one about their brand and the other to inspire people to become new motorcycle riders for their New Rider course. Both videos successfully captured the passion and community behind Harley Davidson, as well as encouraged others to want to get involved.

To spread this video to their target audience, we discovered and targeted all of the most popular, relevant YouTube channels and specific videos for their advertisement to display on. The YouTube video campaign was also optimized toward demographics based on age, gender, income, and parental status.


Using the video we had produced for them, we promoted the New Rider course by pulling at people’s inner longing for letting their hair down, having fun, and trying something adventurous for a change. After letting the video gain traction on its own for a few days, we then boosted the post in order to be seen by the target audience, thereby increasing the number of impressions and leads.

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The Success

The PPC campaign worked to lead people searching for Harley Davidson or any particular Harley bike in the area right to the Bumpus location in Murfreesboro. Both videos combined with Facebook promotion succeeded in boosting awareness for the brand as well as for the New Rider course.